Imaging in Psychiatry
From Research to Clinical Practice
Date: Friday January 31, 2020
Venue: TU/e campus, Luna building, “Coronazaal”

A collaboration between Eindhoven University of Technology, Philips Research, UZ Ghent, and Kempenhaeghe.

Summary and scope

Unlike most neurologic conditions the neuro-biological mechanisms for psychiatric disorders remain unclear. A significant amount of research, obtained using different imaging modalities, has demonstrated structural and functional brain changes related to psychiatric disorders. It is believed that medical imaging seems primed to play a major clinical role in guiding diagnostic and treatment planning decisions in patients with psychiatric conditions.

This symposium aims to bring together several experts in the field of psychiatric imaging and discuss the state-of-the-art in this area. In particular, the challenges and barriers for the clinical use of medical imaging in psychiatry will be addressed in the light of the future direction of this interesting field.

Preliminary agenda

Speaker Title
09:30 Dr. M. Matters & Prof. Dr. A.P. Aldenkamp
Philips | Eindhoven University of Technology, Kempenhaeghe
Welcome and Opening
10:00 Sophia Frangou See abstract
Centre for Brain Health, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Brain Imaging Correlates of Categorical and Dimensional Psychopathology
10:45 Break
11:00 David Linden See abstract
Maastricht University
Real-time fMRI in relation to neurofeedback in psychiatric disorders
11:45 Chris Baeken See abstract
UZ Ghent
Intensified rTMS treatment for depression: insights from brain imaging
12:30 Lunch and poster session
14:30 Hilleke Hulshoff Pol See abstract
Utrecht University
How brain imaging can contribute to precision psychiatry
15:00 Guido van Wingen See abstract
Neuroimaging for treatment outcome prediction in psychiatry
15:30 Klaus Mathiak See abstract
UK Aachen
Across-nosology data bases and machine learning for auditory biomarkers
16:00 Emily Stern See abstract
Brigham & Women's hospital, Boston, Ceretype Neuromedicine, Inc
Clinical Translation of Psychiatric Neuroimaging
16:30 Closing and drinks


There is room for approximately 20 posters. Please indicate in your registration, if you would like to present a poster with title and abstract. The symposium organization will make a selection if needed.


The symposium is free of charge, registration is required.


Accreditation for Dutch psychiatrists and neurologists will be provided.


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